Skin Care

Enjoy skin care formulas infused with rich combinations of nature’s ingredients. Feel good knowing that there are no parabens, SLS or artificial dyes!


Soothing lotion that addresses underlying causes of eczema induced irritation.


Calm and hydrate dry, itchy, irritated skin  without the use of steroids.

ACNE Relief

Light, and quick-absorbing lotion to help treat acute acne.


Skin Rescue

 Unique ointment that features thick and condensed aloe vera. 

Restoring NIGHT Cream

Moisture and nourishment for your nightly routine. 

LIP Balm

Rich moisture & relief from pain and inflammation.

Real Time Pain Relief offers a variety of Skin Care products all of which are manufactured in the Heartland of the USA with the highest quality of Nature's Ingredients. Our Skin Care products never contain parabens, SLS or artificial dyes.  Choose the Skin Care product that is right for you: