Real Time Pain Relief’s flagship formula, ORIGINAL, is a pain relief lotion that has just the right amount of the active ingredient menthol to effectively relieve pain without burning your skin. Plus, it's infused with 17 of nature’s ingredients, is not greasy, and smells great.

Don’t let unwanted pain get the best of you. Shop ORIGINAL today and take positive pain relief action.

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Muscle Strains





  • No Need to Feel the Burn

    While many topical pain relief products are made with a high percentage of menthol that can cause skin discomfort, ORIGINAL is formulated with just the right amount (just 1.25%) to deliver relief without any burning sensation. 
  • Quickly Get On With Your Day

    It’s hard to carry out even the simplest of plans when pain takes hold. ORIGINAL goes to work so you can focus on what’s important. 
  • Protect Your Clothing

    Stinky, oily topical lotions are notorious for ruining clothes. Our non-greasy formula quickly melts into your skin and will not stain your favorite clothes. 
  • Leave The Medicinal Smell Behind

    ORIGINAL has a wonderfully fresh scent that will not leave you smelling like a medicine cabinet!



Rub it on to the affected area


Wait 60 seconds or so to allow the first application to absorb


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Arthritis - Muscle Strains - Sprains - Bruises - Cramps

Pain is never convenient. Whether you experience a sudden sprain, a simple back ache or arthritis—the end result is the same. You want fast relief that won’t add to your woes by damaging your liver, burning your skin, or ruining your clothes. 

Real Time Pain Relief’s flagship formula, ORIGINAL, was created to solve this problem. ORIGINAL is a pain relief lotion that you can trust. It is infused with 17 of nature’s ingredients, including aloe vera, willow bark, MSM, calendula, and more, and it has just the right amount of the active ingredient menthol to effectively relieve pain without burning your skin. 

Plus, the non-greasy, fresh smelling formula of ORIGINAL allows for easy use anytime that pain strikes, without fear of staining your clothes or offending the noses of those around you. 


Don’t let unwanted pain get the best of you. Take positive pain relief action with ORIGINAL. Shop today!  

“My nephew sent some Real Time to me. I want to tell you how pleased I am with your wonderful product. After using it for 10 days, I could tell a big difference.”

Bonita R. - Carbon Hill, AL