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NIGHT-TIME features melatonin & lavender to complement this evening formula. See details below. 

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Muscle Pain - Bruising - Stiffness - Soreness - Swelling Due to Overexertion or Injury

Infused with 21 of nature's ingredients, including melatonin, lavender and magnesium chloride, this formula is specifically created for a great bedtime experience. Featuring a heavenly herbal aroma and no medicine cabinet smell, George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief™ will make you feel like you're drifting off to sleep on fluffy white clouds.

From muscle pain to bruising and soreness or swelling caused by overexertion and injury, George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief™ is here to help remove the distraction of pain so that you can focus on a good night of rest.

Plus, George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief™ is free of parabens, SLS, artificial dyes, NSAIDS, GMOs and acetaminophen, so you can relax.

Don't let pain keep you up at night-fight back and win with George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief™!

Reasons to Love NIGHT-TIME:

Set Yourself Up For Next-Day Success:

Nothing puts a damper on daily activities like waking up feeling sore and tired. George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief™ helps ease yourpain. Without pain to disturb your sleep, youcan wake up feeling more rested and ready totake on the day like the Champ!

Specially Formulated For Nighttime:

George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief™ is
infused with melatonin, lavender and
magnesium chloride to help promote a
positive bedtime experience.

Say Goodbye To Your Pain-Not Your Bedding:

George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief™ is a
non-greasy formula that quickly absorbs
into your skin, so it won't stain your
nightwear or stick to your bedsheets-now
that's a formula worthy of a World Champion!

A Soothing Aroma:

Think the smell of a medicine cabinet is
anything but relaxing? The Champ couldn't agree more, which is why George Foreman's NIGHT-TIME Relief'M features a heavenly herbal aroma!

"At least 50% of individuals with insomnia—the most commonly diagnosed disorder of sleep impairment—suffer from chronic pain"

Patrick H. Finan, Ph.D,
John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Nature’s Ingredients in NIGHT-TIME:

Feel Good About What’s NOT Inside:

No Parabens - No SLS - No Artificial Dyes - No GMOS - No NSAIDs - No Acetaminophen