LIP Balm

LIP Balm


LIP Balm offers rich moisture & relief from pain and inflammation. See details below.


Choose between LIP Balm original or LIP Balm PLUS for a special 100% organic hemp oil infusion.

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Real Time Homeopathic LIP Balm delivers rich moisture, while offering protection
from harsh weather.

Made with 13 of Nature's Ingredients including Arnica, Jojoba Oil, Lanolin, and Aloe Vera,
Real Time Homeopathic LIP Balm soothes lips with each application.

Give your lips the Nourishing Care of Real Time Homeopathic LIP Balm!

Reasons to Love LIP Balm:

Hydrating Moisture
and Soothing Relief:

Real Time Homeopathic LIP Balm is
specially formulated to hydrate dry,
chapped lips and to provide temporary
relief for the pain and discomfort of
chapped and cracked lips.

Minty Feel and Smell:

Real Time Homeopathic LIP Balm contains a low amount of menthol, camphor and peppermint oil, which gives it a minty smell and creates a light, refreshing zing on the lips. It is free of artificial fragrances. 

Homeopathic Nourishment:

Real Time Homeopathic LIP Baim contains
Arnica and 12 other beneficial ingredients
from nature that nourish and soothe your

Offers Protection
from Harsh Weather:

Our lips are a particularly sensitive area,
and dry, uncomfortable lips need extra
protection from the elements.

"For years I have gotten painful cracks in my lips every winter. I have tried so many balms for my lips, but they wear off so fast. Real Time's new Lip Balm is amazing. The moisture lasts for hours. After a few days using it, the cracks disappear!"

Andrea L. - Phoenix, AZ

Nature’s Ingredients in LIP Balm:

Feel Good About What’s NOT Inside:

No Parabens - No SLS - No Artificial Dyes - No GMOS - No NSAIDs - No Acetaminophen