FOOT Cream


Revitalize tired feet with our luxurious FOOT Cream — an enriching formula providing instant relief and care. Blended from 15 natural ingredients, including invigorating eucalyptus and tea tree oil, it's the ideal post-demand indulgence.

Feel the delight of swift absorption and a lingering, delightful fragrance that transforms each application into a pleasurable experience. Beyond indulgence, FOOT Cream stands as a potent ally against diverse foot issues—addressing muscle strains, sprains, cramps, bruises, and arthritis with remarkable efficacy.

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A jar of FOOT Cream is your reliable companion, ready to keep you comfortably on your toes throughout life's journeys.

  • 1.4oz Jar - $15.00
  • 4.4oz Jar - $25.00
  • 6oz Jar - $35.00
  • 8oz Jar - $40.00

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*BEST VALUE* - The FOOT Cream Convenience Pack is a most sophisticated value conscious customer favorite. It’s perfect for when you want the biggest bang for your buck.

  • 1ea - 8oz Jar of FOOT Cream
  • 1ea - 1.4oz Jar of FOOT Cream
  • 1ea - 1oz Spray Bottle of MAXX Plus
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Muscle Strains





  • Give Support Where It's Needed Most:

    Your feet experience more daily wear and tear than any other part of the body. FOOT Pain Relief Cream is a great way to take care of them - so they can continue to take care of you!
  • Stay Comfortably on Your Toes:

    Foot and ankle discomforts can make getting through your day even tougher. Find relief for arthritis, sprains, bruises, cramps and more!
  • Say NO to Harmful Pills: 

    Enough with pain pills that come with a long list of potentially life-threatening side effects. FOOT Cream provides PAIN RELIEF YOU CAN TRUST ®. 
  • Specially Formulated for Your Feet: 

    Since the skin on the feet is thicker and tougher than the rest of the body, Real Time FOOT Pain Relief Cream is fortified with eucalyptus and tea tree oil to provide that extra soothing relief.



Rub it on to the affected area


Wait 60 seconds or so to allow the first application to absorb


Rub on a second layer to the affected area

Arthritis - Muscle Strains - Sprains - Bruises - Cramps

Do you ever think about how much you put your feet through on a daily basis? Probably not—because it’s easy to take them for granted even though they carry you through your routine from one busy day to the next. But when pain strikes, whether from a muscle strain a cramp or arthritis, it’s impossible not to think about them! Your feet deserve PAIN RELIEF YOU CAN TRUST ® and Real Time FOOT Cream delivers just that.

FOOT Cream is a rich pain relief formula. Infused with 15 of nature’s ingredients, which include eucalyptus, tea tree oil, lanolin, and menthol, it is the perfect treat for feet at the end of a long day. The quick-absorbing, great-smelling formula is effective on muscle strains, sprains, cramps, bruises and arthritis. 

Plus, FOOT Cream is free of unwanted ingredients such as parabens, SLS, GMOs, artificial dye, and NSAIDs, so you can feel good about every application!

Give your hard-working feet the attention they deserve. Shop today and trust FOOT Cream to help keep you comfortably on your toes! 

“Due to my work in the restaurant industry...I was taking dangerously large doses of Aleve, but getting little to no relief for my feet. That is until I discovered RTPR Foot Cream, given to me by an amazing friend! Now just before bed, I rub it into my feet and prop my feet up on a pillow for a few minutes and voila!”

Feel Good About What’s NOT Inside:

No Parabens - No SLS - No Artificial Dyes - No GMOS - No NSAIDs - No Acetaminophen