The Benefits of Afternoon Exercise

The Benefits of Afternoon Exercise

22nd Sep 2021

The perks of exercising in the morning vs. the benefits of afternoon exercise are often debatable. Everyone has different schedules and some may only have the opportunity to exercise in the afternoons. For those in this category, don’t fret. There are many reasons why afternoon exercising may be beneficial to you in more ways than a morning exercise. Here we take a look at the plus side of exercising in the afternoon, and the reasons why it may be more effective physically and health wise.

Higher Hormone Levels in the Afternoon


The body’s hormone levels are at their peak typically after 6 pm. This is largely due to the fact that the body has already been in full function for the entire day. When we exercise, our brains start a chemical reaction in which hormones are released into the body. One hormone released is Irisin. A recent study discovered that Irisin reprograms fat cells to burn as energy instead of being stored in the body. This boosts your metabolic rate and helps you shed some extra flab.

Another hormone is testosterone. Your body uses testosterone to build muscle mass. Low testosterone levels may lead to heart disease, blood clots, abnormal heart rhythm, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Another hormone still being evaluated by research is Peptide YY. This hormone is secreted in the intestines, and in conjunction with the brain, reduces appetite and increases satiation (feeling of fullness) after eating. The body also releases endorphins, which act as the body’s natural painkillers. This helps you to exercise longer and harder by reducing the amount of pain you feel during exercise.

Easier Muscle Functionality


Using your muscles throughout the day means that they’re already warmed up.. Since your body has been awake for a few hours, it can get into exercising a bit easier than having to warm up the body during mornings. This is an important factor for someone who is not a “morning person.” By the afternoon you’re already awake and your muscles have been warming up all day. Some enjoy this type of exercising rather than trying to push a cold, hard start on their bodies. Because of this, many feel that noon exercise is actually easier on the body, and may lead to fewer injuries and other bodily complications.

Reduces Stress


Exercising in the afternoon will help you release all the stress accumulated during the day. Not only is it a good time to forget about the little things, exercise can be very cathartic as well. Exercising in the afternoon will provide you with a gap of time during the day that will help you focus on yourself. Time you can take advantage of, and where you can meditate about your life. If you had a bad day, exercising will help take your mind off of it. When the APA conducted a survey in 2008, they found that 14% of participants reported exercise was an effective way to cope with stress. While there are a variety of ways to cope with stress, exercise is one of the top suggestions by physicians. It may be temporary, but a little exercise may just give you the relief you need.

Regulates and Improves Appetite


After a nice afternoon workout, your appetite may increase. It is common to want to eat a healthy dinner. Post-workout you will be feeling good about yourself and eating can help maintain that good feeling. We’ve already talked about the biochemical release of Peptide YY (and its ability to regulate appetite), however, exercising can make the body crave more nutrients to replace the ones you’ve used, and can help to regulate your food intake in a regimented and healthier manner.

Regulates and Improves Sleepexercise-improves-sleep

Afternoon workouts will help you release that last amount of energy you have at the end of your day This will not only help you fall asleep easier at night, but also help you to stay asleep, getting a full night’s rest. Research has suggested that exer