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Real Time Pain Relief Usage

hand-bottle-300Use Multiple, Light Applications

Real Time Pain Relief is absorbed through the skin, carrying the active ingredients down to the pain. Just as pain often comes in waves, RTPR penetrates in waves. Each additional application "pushes" prior applications deeper.

Effects Over Time

As your pain is eased, you're likely to move more freely, which helps circulation and increases oxygen flow to your entire body. More movement often results in more energy, better distribution of nutrients, more effective movement of lymph fluids, and often, more restful sleep.

Usage Instructions

Usage: Rub a good amount of Real Time Pain Relief directly on the area of pain, then wait 5 minutes and reapply.

Caution: For external use only. Apply with clean hands. Keep out of reach of children. If soreness persists, consult your physician. Safety sealed for your protection.


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RTPR Testimonials

I rubbed some on and in just a few minutes I had forgotten the pain and drifted to sleep.

  • Vicki W.
  • Columbia
  • MO

It has been the best product I have tried.

  • Dottie V
  • Lanesboro
  • MA

Pain Relief in Real Time. Wonderful.

  • David H
  • Scawby
  • North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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